Preparation of Federal and State Income Tax Returns

Because taxes significantly affect cash flow, we encourage our clients to think of tax management as an essential ingredient of the planning process.

We do have clients (individual, partnership and corporate) for whom income tax return preparation is our only function. We are able to serve these clients through significant experience in preparation of federal returns, as well as, returns for states and localities. However, we are most effective when a client makes tax planning part of the overall business management process and realizes that decisions on purchases, pension plans and cost accounting have important tax ramifications.

Since tax laws and their implications are constantly changing, we provide updates for our clients on a continual basis, informing them of the impact of new developments which might affect their businesses. When necessary, we will represent clients before tax authorities.

In addition to income tax services, we provide assistance to our clients for estate and inheritance taxes, fiduciary income taxes, payroll taxes, excise taxes and sales and use taxes.

If you need tax return preparation services please contact us at (310) 540-5300 or by E-mail.

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