Accounting and Auditing Services

We view accounting as an active, not passive, function in which information is processed in such a way that it is readily retrievable and usable for a variety of purposes such as condensed management information, periodic financial statements, planning, budgeting and routine account analyses.

In order to effectively evaluate a business's performance, financial statement users need accurate information about its past history, as well as, where it is today.

The highest level of service we provide for our clients is an audit. We take a "risk based" approach to auditing in which we apply testing and verification procedures based on common sense and our knowledge of the client. As a result, we:

When a lender or other creditor requests financial statements but does not require that they be audited, we assist our clients by reviewing or compiling the financial statements and issuing our report on them.

If you need accounting or auditing services please contact us at (310) 540-5300 or by E-mail.

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