About our firm

Roscoe & Swanson, Accountancy Corporation is a firm of Certified Public Accountants serving clients throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County Area.

It is our goal to offer a full range of services for our clients. We provide services in the traditional areas of Accounting, Auditing and Tax Return Preparation. We also offer General Business Consultation, Tax Consulting, Tax Planning and Computer Consulting.

The Firm is built on the concept that qualified people, out of their sense of professionalism, create quality products. We emphasize on-going contact with each client to facilitate providing quality assistance in solving their accounting, tax, and business problems.

Benefits to our clients:

The Firm provides an initial no charge consultation to prospective clients. We believe you will find that our fees are both realistic and affordable.

We have successfully completed a Peer Review of our accounting and auditing practice and received an unqualified Peer Review report. The Peer Review was conducted by an independent CPA firm, under standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Peer Review Program.

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